Our Services
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Our Services

Enterprise Mission

Quality, Trust, Impartiality, Innovation, Independence & Prompt


Surveying Services

Cargo Quantity And Quality Control

Container Loading / Unloading Surveys

Cargo Damage Inspection / Adjusting

Sworn Measurers & Weighers

Cargo Chocking And Lashing Surveys

Container Inspections & On / Off Hire Surveys

High Value, Sensitive, Bulky & Heavy Cargo Surveys

Consolidation / Containerized / Air Cargo Inspections

Pre-shipment inspections ( PSI ) against MIL Standard / AQL Standard /

Letter Of Credit



P & I Club Surveys / Inspections

Radioactivity Measurement

Vehicle Inspections

Raw Cowhides Surveys

Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Surveys

Frozen Meat And Perishable Foodstuff Surveys                                                   

Inventory Verification and Dispose of Written-off Goods

Hazardous / Project cargo handling and stowage surveys

Property Damage Inspection / Adjuster


Consultant Services

Cargo Valuation

Risk Management

Loss Prevention Survey

Loss / Claim Adjuster

Professional Witnessing Survey 

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